What kind of braid pattern should I use to accomplish my sew-in goal?

We all know that getting a sew-in requires getting your real hair braided first. In my blog, I'm gonna show you 6 different ways to braid your hair or get your hair braided to achieve a flawless sew-in.

When I braid my hair up for a sew-in I usually part the middle of my hair going from ear to ear.

Then I'll part the top half down the middle and will braid each side down towards the side of my face (3 cornrows on each side). After that, I will gather the braids and will make them into one big braid on each side.

Then, I'll braid the back half of my hair straight down. When done with the back I will split the braids evenly and make two big braids as I did with the top half. I will then sew the top half b