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Starting A Hair Business in 2022

Starting your very own hair business can be super exciting! There are a few things you must have in order before jumping out there. There is no need to rush the process, virgin hair will always be a highly demanded product. Take a look at how easy it is to make enough money to quick your job selling virgin hair

Are you ready to start your own hair extension business? Maybe you've looked around for a virgin hair vendor, that has great prices and great hair, with no luck. Well look no more, Heavenly Tingz LLC products are high quality at prices that will amaze you! Listed below are a few reasons why starting your very own hair business will be the best business decision ever:

  1. Hair extensions are a multi-billion dollar industry

  2. Hair extensions are in high demand

  3. You will be your own boss, setting your own hours, and doing something you love

  4. There is no limit to your success in selling hair extensions

  5. You will be able to create the life you have always dreamed of

Take a look at our business startup packages

We put together packages with textures, & lengths that are highly demanded.

Establishing and Launching Your Hair Business:
If you're only trying to sell hair on the side, then I recommend finding a great hair vendor, setting reasonable prices, and taking advantage of free marketing by advertising on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and in your community.

If you are trying to establish a hair business.....

Find out what type of hair you want to sell. From my experience, Body Wave, Deep Wave, Water Wave & Silky Straight are the most requested textures. I recommend having a variety of textures & lengths to offer your customers.

Do want to sell just bundles or other pieces? Most women buy bundles in 3's with a closure, or frontal.

Find a vendor. Find a vendor that has a variety of hair textures, lengths, great prices, and quality hair. This is the tricky part of getting started. You want to be extra careful with choosing a vendor. There are many hair vendors portraying to have quality hair extensions, but the hair tangles, mats, and/or sheds profusely. To have a successful hair business, providing quality virgin hair is a must!

Pricing your products. Keep your prices reasonable. Everyone loves a bargain and if you can offer your customers quality hair at affordable prices, you will surely win them over as loyal customers. Here is a great way of pricing your hair products. Add the:

1. Cost of hair
2. Cost of shipping from your vendor (add this if you're using the pr-ordering method)
3. Your cost of shipping for that specific product (you can offer free shipping on your website, by incorporating shipping in the product prices)
4. Your profit (what you want to make from each sale)
5. Anything you're using to ship the hair. For instance, bundle wraps, hair tags, hair bags, etc. This is how to calculate those prices:
You paid $35.00 for 100 hair tags. So, divide 35 into 100 which will equal $0.35. You paid $0.35 for each hair tag. This is the amount you want to add into calculating your prices. Do the same for bundles wraps, hair bags, boxes, postcards, etc.
6. Bank Fees you will be charged a transaction fee from your vendor, and/or your credit card processor. Such as Paypal, Square, or your website hosting provider. Fees are usually between 2.6%-5% of your total order.

Choosing a name for your company. Keep your company name simple, catchy, and brandable. If you already have a name for your hair business in mind, ask yourself "Why this one?" Ideally, you want your business name to be short and catchy so it's easy for customers to remember. It's also a good idea to use basic spelling and avoid acronyms or abbreviations. Try to:
  • Limit your hair business name to 10-15 characters

  • Stay away from common names like mane, boutique, tresses, etc. (your business name will have a hard time being ranked on google

  • Make sure spelling is easy

  • Create a unique name

Keeping your business name simple also makes it easier for customers to find you in Google search results or social media.
Trade name search. When you have a name for your company, you want to see if there's another company with that name in your state. Google search (e.g trade name search for Georgia ) if there is no other company with the name you've chosen in your state, then you can move on to the next step.

Branding your company. Once you have completed the steps above. Now, begin branding your company, with a logo, website address (URL) (godaddy.com is a great website to purchase your URL for your website), website, business cards, hair tags, hair bundle wraps, etc. Canva.com is a great marketing tool where you can create your very own logo, pictures for advertising, business cards, etc. and best of all it's free!

Creating a website. You can choose from Shopify.com, Wix.com, Bigcommerce.com, etc. for your website hosting service. Heavenly Tingz LLC website is hosted by Wix.com

For each page, you create on your website, be sure to enter metatags & descriptions. This will help your website to have a higher ranking in search engines such as Google. Higher rankings mean your website will be found easily. Each page should have relevant metatags/descriptions (learn more about metatags by searching online for blogs about metatags). If your website page is about lace frontals your metatags should be something along the lines of "virgin hair lace frontals" body wave lace frontals" ear to ear lace frontals" etc. and your description should be similar to "quality virgin hair lace frontals available in body wave, loose wave, deep wave with 14"-24" available"

Make your company official. Register your company/name and get an EIN (employer identification number). Visit irs.gov to obtain an EIN and google search "register my business in (your state)" Register your business as an LLC.

Start Selling Hair! Now that your business is official you are ready to start selling hair. Launch your website and begin advertising to everyone and everywhere.

Advertising your hair business:

Social Media Accounts to create. Facebook Business, Instagram Business, Twitter, Pinterest Business, Linkedin, TikTok Business, and Youtube.

Blogging. There are many blogging platforms to use such as Wordpress.com, Blogger.com, Medium.com, Quora.com. Get your business noticed by blogging about your products, sales, information that is relevant to your hair business, etc.

Advertising in your community. Many people feel comfortable with purchasing hair that they can actually pick up. They want the opportunity to examine the hair before making a purchase with you. The best way to advertise to your community is, through Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, handing out business cards, and going to hair salons. If you decide to visit hair salons, create a spreadsheet that has your prices and products listed, have some hair on hand so that people will have the opportunity to see the quality of your products, and a notebook to take orders.

Email Marketing. Make sure to have an email sign up form for your customers. This is a great way to keep your subscribers informed on sales, new products, etc.

Video Marketing. Make sure to post videos of your hair products, reviews, etc. This is a great way of gaining your potential customers' trust. Potential customers want to know if they are investing in quality hair. What better way to show them than reviews from your customers?

Important Tips

Stay organized. Organize your business by keeping track of your sales, having a daily planner, planning everything before doing it.

Keep your workspace clean and neat. Working in a clean area will help you to be more productive and of course, it just feels good to work in a clean, and decluttered space anyhow.

Have a to-do-list notebook. Write down what you want to do for that day and try your hardest to get it all done, but don't be hard on yourself if you weren't able to get everything done on your list. Just simply transfer it over to the next day.

Plan ahead. Take some time to plan your week or month of things you need to do. Blog ideas, email ideas, goals, etc.

Setting goals. Be realistic about goals you want to reach. For instance, you want to make your first sale in 60 days. That's realistic, rather than "I want to make 15 sales in the next 2 weeks". Starting out you want to give your business time to get notice before expecting a sale. Startup companies usually take about 2 years before seeing consistent sales.

Knowing your "why". Knowing why you are starting your hair business will help you to keep going on those days you don't feel like doing anything. When I first started Heavenly Tingz LLC, my why was a home for my family. I've achieved that and now I have a new "why". My new why is to help other people start their very own hair business.

Get visitors to your website. Your website link and business name should be in the description of everything you post, and in your bio's of your social media accounts. If someone has a question about your price for a specific product simply