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Real Virgin Human Hair vs Fake

Have you ever wondered if your hair extensions or wigs were actually 100% Unprocessed virgin human hair? Continue reading our blog to learn methods that'll help you determine if your wig or hair extensions are 100% real virgin human hair or fake hair.

Let's take a look at a variety of methods that are used to determine real virgin human hair from fake:

Burn Test. This is one of the most popular techniques used and the most accurate. Clip a couple strands of hair from the bundle, closure, frontal, or wig and burn the hair with a lighter. Human Hair, a protein fiber, burns briefly and will not continue to burn unless you hold it to the fire. The brief flame is orange, then the hair chars leaving a dark ash that turns to powder when crushed. This is the one foolproof way of knowing for sure whether the hair is real or synthetic. If it burns black smoke, and turns sticky when cool, it's synthetic hair. Synthetic hairs, will slowly burn and melt into a ball and give off a rubbery scent. It'll also produce black smoke, proving that it's synthetic hair.

Strand Test. Clip a couple of strands from your bundle, closure, frontal, or wig and apply a generous amount of hair bleach to the strands. If the hair has not been chemically processed, the hair should take the bleach very well and lift to the color of #27. If the hair does not lift then most likely the hair is synthetic, mixed with synthetic fibers, or chemically processed.

Wash Test. It is always recommended to co-wash the hair before installation. Co-washing refers to the application of conditioner and lukewarm water to refresh your hair bundles, closure, frontal, or wig. This can be done on a weekly basis. First, rinse the hair with lukewarm water. Next apply a conditioner that is free of silicone, or alcohol-based ingredients.

We recommend using:

  1. Tresemme Conditioner Moisture Rich

  2. OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner

  3. Cream of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment with Argan Oil from Morocco

If the hair is 100% virgin human hair there should be no tangling of the hair. If it is synthetic or mixed with synthetic fibers the hair will tangle after drying or wearing for a few hours. Look at the image above, if your ends look like that your hair is definitely fake or mixed with fake hair (synthetic fibers). When co-washing your hair check the water to see if it's brown. If so , that is an indication the hair has been chemically processed and/or dyed.

Important Tip: using clarifying shampoo will strip the hair of any chemicals or dyes that were used. Run a sink of lukewarm water. While the water is running pour a generous amount of shampoo into the water and mix it. Dip the hair into the water and wash as normal but before rinsing let the hair sit in the water for at least 5-10 minutes. If any chemicals or dyes were used the water would turn brown.

Wear Test. Wearing your hair bundles, closure, frontal, or wig will determine if your hair is real virgin human hair or fake. This method will also let you know if you purchased quality virgin hair or hair that will not last long, basically a waste of your money. Take a look below to see how to determine quality virgin hair from low-grade hair.

Quality Virgin hair

  1. Minimum to no shedding

  2. Holds a curl

  3. Longevity of 3+ years

  4. Doubled weft

  5. Minimum fly-aways

  6. No tangling

  7. No matting

  8. Can lift to #27 after bleaching

  9. Not melting when hot-tools are used

  10. No balding of closure, or frontal after/before bleaching

  11. No chemical scent

Low-Grade or Synthetic/Mixed wit Synthetic Fibers

  1. Excessive shedding

  2. Will not hold a curl or curl then drop a little after

  3. Longevity of 3 months or less

  4. Single weft

  5. Excessive fly-aways

  6. Tangles after washing or wearing

  7. Mats after washing or washing

  8. Will lift to another color or become damaged after bleaching

  9. Melts when heat is applied

  10. Balding to closure or frontal

  11. Has a strong chemical scent

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