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How To Remove Lace Frontal Wig

It is generally believed that gluing down the hairline is currently the best way to melt the lace into our scalp and it also can secure the wig better to avoid sliding off in public.

And when we use glues, we should carefully remove the wig instead of rudely ripping off from our head, and damaging your edges.

Now let's begin with the steps:

First, tie the wig up into a ponytail.

This is to avoid accidentally getting adhesive directly on the hair. The ponytail should also allow you to fully see the lace seam.

Next, get alcohol. Preferably 91% Concentrated

If you are using alcohol to remove your lace frontal wig, apply it using a Q-Tip or a small spray bottle; spray it directly on the lace.

After applying the alcohol, wet a towel with warm water. Leave the towel a little more than damp. Apply the warm water directly to the hair line lace, pressing down along the hair line. Eventually, the seam will begin to peel away by itself. Use a rat tail comb to assist with lifting the lace.

If you are using an oil-based remover, such as C22, you can spray it directly along the wig seam. Because it will not dry out your skin, you can also use this to remove adhesive from your skin as well. After spraying this adhesive remover, wash it off the hairpiece with shampoo and cool water.

After you have finished applying either remover, gently but firmly peel the seam away from your face. Begin at one side and slowly work your way to the other side.

When the seams have completely peeled away, gingerly lift the wig from your head. If you feel remaining adhesive on the wig, slide your wig over a mirror; the adhesive will rub off onto the mirror, which can be cleaned with a scouring pad.

Afterward, arrange the wig on your wig stand to allow it to retain its shape.

Finally, wash your face with soap and warm water in order to make sure there is no residual adhesive on it.

Please watch video for assistance:

Video Created by Kay Yarns


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