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Quality Over Everything

We work directly with some of the most reputable and quality-focused human hair vendors in India. Hair selected based on health and length by experienced hair brokers. It is then treated, washed, sewn, and packaged.

Our hair is 100% Human Hair, unprocessed, and free from harsh chemicals or coloring (unless otherwise specified). Our wave patterns are created by a 7-step steam process using varying gauge rods and all-natural additives.

All hair is able to be straightened and dyed to your liking. But just as with your real hair, it can be ruined with over-processing and neglect. Please refer to our Hair Care Guide for tips to optimize the quality of your new hair and prolong the life of the product. We recommend consulting a certified cosmetologist for installation and coloring.

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Affordable Luxury

Heavenly Hair by Nicole is the brainchild of the founder and CEO, Nicole Pryor. An early adopter of the virgin hair movement, Nicole's vision was to provide a higher quality hair extension at an affordable price. After over a year of research and testing, Nicole's company, Heavenly Hair by Nicole, launched the Heavenly Hair brand in 2017 to a very welcoming audience. Focusing on maintaining a superior product and providing excellent customer service, Heavenly Hair by Nicole has positioned itself as one of the premier virgin hair providers in the United States.